Paris ditched by her friends

Being friends with Paris Hilton doesn't do much for your image - and the heiress can count Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears among the ex-buddies who have cut ties for the sake of their rep. Hilton didn't show up at former BFF Kardashian's Vegas birthday party on Friday night, reportedly partly because Kardashian didn't want to be overshadowed, and partly because Hilton was jealous of her friend's new popularity with the press. "Even when I would talk to editors of magazines and other media outlets about featuring Kim, they would comment on how they are moving past Paris in hopes to bring someone fresh to the spotlight, like Kim," a former rep for Kardashian says. The ex-rep also says image concerns were the impetus behind Britney Spears's abrupt ending to her brief Hilton friendship. "Britney has her people contact Paris and say they couldn't hang out anymore."

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