MTV working to prevent catfight

Reps for Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel are reportedly working hard to prevent the two Justin Timberlake amours from bumping into each other at the MTV Movie Awards on June 3. "Everyone is determined to keep Cam and Jess apart," says an insider. "It's becoming a big deal because both girls want very separate arrival times. Nobody knows who Cameron is going to bring, if anyone. But if Jessica walks with Justin, Cameron will want to bring a date. If Jessica goes alone, Cam will probably walk alone. It's a mess." Diaz allegedly "blew up" at Biel at a Golden Globes afterparty in January when she spotted the Illusionist actress flirting with her recent ex, and the MTV awards this Sunday marks the first time the three will be in the same room since the incident. "Cam is used to being more high-profile than Jessica," says the insider. "But now that Jessica's dating Justin, she has more leverage. Cameron's looking a little unstable lately." Timberlake is nominated for best breakthrough performance for Alpha Dog, and Diaz is nominated in the best-kiss category with Jude Law in The Holiday. Biel is presenting, but not in Diaz's category! Reps for all three stars have not commented.

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