Posh's pricey pout

Us mag has a little "expose" on Victoria Beckham and the plastic surgery she may have had over the years (well...we know those breasts aren't real). Present day pics are compared with shots from March 1993, when aspiring 18-year-old dancer Victoria Adams had a few promo pics taken. Here's what the "experts" say:

Cheeks ($3,000): "They're more sculpted, maybe from weight loss or buccal fat removal."

Lips ($2,000): "Both bottom and lower are more prominent, suggesting Juvederm or collagen injections every few months."

Eyes ($8,000): "Her eyebrows drooped and now they're arched. In my opinion, that's a forehead lift done beautifully, not Botox."

Nose ($11,000): Nasal refinement surgery, according to one NYC plastic surgeon. "The bridge looks thinner, and the tip is narrower and slightly turned up."

Chest ($10,000): "Most women have smaller breasts as they lose weight, not bigger."

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