Rosie hunting down a new job

Rosie O'Donnell really wants Bob Barker's job. In a full page ad in yesterday's Variety, O'Donnell congratulated Barker on his 50-year hosting career and made a point of reminding him and everyone else that she loves The Price is Right and even has a life-size Plinko board at home. "See, I want The Price is Right, but no one has offered me The Price is Right," the View host said last December. "They apparently don't want me, which is sort of sad because I have visions for The Price is Right. According to reports, Barker is against producers hiring O'Donnell as his replacement.

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Anonymous said...

She's proven to be snarly-giddy-creepy-alien bi polar; prone to mood swings, angry tirades.. so no no no to behaving as a chirpy and cheer-leading MC like Barker all the time.