Lindsay's mom skips court for rehab visit

Dina Lohan missed a court hearing on Friday while visiting daughter Lindsay in rehab in Malibu. The hearing is part of the actress's estranged father Michael's attempt to secure visitation rights for his two youngest children, 13-year-old Aliana and 10-year-old Dakota. "Where is your client?" a Nassau County Family Court judge angrily asked Dina Lohan's lawyer when she didn't show up in court. The lawyer said Lohan was getting ready to fly to California to see Lindsay. "All future dates she is required to be here," ordered the judge. Michael Lohan has not seen his children for more than two years as a result of a restraining order maintained by Dina. The former couple's older two children, Lindsay and her 19-year-old brother Michael are not involved in the case as they are no longer minors.

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Anonymous said...

why was not a warrant issued for her arrest??? if the husband did'nt show you know what would have happened. all the judges are corrupt scum especially brennan and diamond rot in hell destroyer of families