Paris handcuffed, on her way to court

Paris Hilton is now en route to the LA courthouse in handcuffs after being picked up in a police car. The socialite was due in court this morning at 9 a.m. PST but wasn't picked up until after 10. Updates to follow.

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Anonymous said...

Working in the Criminal Justice System for many years, plus being the Mother to a 15, 16, and two 21 yr old children...it amazes me that California citizens (voters) are putting up with authorities giving preferred treatment to people like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohans of the world. California honestly makes a mockery of the Justice system, and HOW this Sheriff will survive without some sort of over the top re-call election is beyond me. These young girls spend hundred of thousands of dollars to hide from a justice system behind rehab that they are never serious about, but are allowed to avoid court and jail to do, or daily therapy ( no other prisoner in that jail is allowed daily visits by private health care providers as Hilton was allowed), only to have her therapist state she "needs" to be released for "her mental health". I love the presidence (sp) this is setting to open the door for other attorneys with clients in the system in California to have their clients seen daily by "personal health care providers" with recommendations that THEY be released because they cannot emotionally handle the stress of being in jail.