Paris sent back to the slammer

Paris Hilton has been ordered back to jail. According to a CNN report, the judge in the case said he hadn't received anything from the sheriff's department about the reported "medical condition" that prompted them to reassign the socialite to house arrest. Hilton was quiet throughout the proceedings though appeared to be sobbing, as was her family, who were seated in the front two rows of the courtroom. It has not been made clear at this point how many days Hilton will serve - the original sentence or the reduced amount - with the judge ordering her to serve the "remainder." TMZ reports that Hilton left the courthouse in tears, screaming, "Mom, Mom, Mom." Kathy Hilton told reporters in the hallway, "I'm paralyzed right now."


Anonymous said...

Finally a good judge! That sdpoiled and arrogant rich slut did not care whole driving drunk and endangering other people lives. She has to go to jail. Why to let her out just because she is rich and has connections. What about other people in jail who have to stay even longer for the same sentence like hers?! I hope prison will be good lesson for her.

Snortles said...

A hint for the jail staff... A temper tantrum does not qualify as a "medical condition."