Same old, same old

Nothing seems to have changed with Paris Hilton, despite her post-jail reassurances of her intentions to lead a better life. The socialite is back from Hawaii to prepare for her Fourth of July party in Malibu, but tried to use her quick vacation to show the public that she could relax without wild parties. Fellow vacationers in Maui, however, tell a different tale. "Paris tried to check into the Four Seasons first, but they turned her down," said a hotel guest. "She then tried to stay at the Fairmont Kea Lani, but they turned her down as well. She finally got a place at the Grand Wailea Resort, but that's because it was a Hilton. We all thought it was hilarious that the Hilton hotel was her third choice." Another source said, "The paparazzi told us that Paris calls them herself," and said a photog told him, "'We love her. She lets us know where she's going to be so we can take as many pictures as we want.'" At night, the heiress reportedly couldn't resist the draw of a local nightclub. "She slipped out of the hotel and went to the club at the Hyatt a couple of times," said another source. "She made friends with a couple of local guys and made out with them there. I guess she didn't want pictures of herself doing that... It's amazing. She hasn't changed at all." Whether or not any of this is true, it seems obvious that Hilton calls the paparazzi to let them know where she'll be. Who takes a vacation and invites a pile of stinky cameramen? Only Paris.

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