A Night At The Met

So, last night, major happenings in NYC! The Costume Institute Gala brought out many an A-lister to The Met and I just happened to be eyeing the red carpet as the stars were arriving. And by happened to be there, I mean I walked by on my way home and was across the street, stuck behind paparazzi and other ecstatic, not to mention screaming and waving (yes I waved) fans like myself. Although I didn't get a chance to see my love George Clooney (so upset!), I did show up just in time to catch a glimpse of actual superheroes welcoming guests at the bottom of The Met stairs, Mr. Big, Jason Lewis (hard to believe, but even more good-looking in person) the Beckhams, Tom and Katie, J.Lo, MKO (oh sorry, aka my abbreviation for Mary-Kate Olsen, who I'm sure just loved hearing my shout out to her and her sister), Mr. Lagerfeld himself, Blake Lively (so excited to see Serena considering I was missing Monday's ep. of Gossip Girl to star gaze), Valentino, Bonjovi, Eva Longoria and the list goes on.

Nicest/biggest smiles/longest waves to the crowd - J.Lo, Valentino and Tom Cruise (maybe it was just an act considering all of his bad publicity lately, but he did look genuinely nice)

Celeb who I wish I could have seen turn around - David Beckham (A bus decided to block my view, just as his gorgeousness turned toward the crowd)

Biggest undercover entrance - Karl Lagerfeld

Most surprising duo - Vogue's Andre Leon Talley, arriving toward the end, with Venus Williams at his side.

Best dressed - A tie between Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria

The only good picture I was able to capture - J.Lo and Marc Anthony

My list of who I saw...yes, I know I'm a nerd, but a celeb-obsessed nerd, so much cooler!

From Scarlett's engagment surprise and Katie's blue heels, to Gisele's arm candy and Victoria's choice of dress, here are a few other snapshots of the celebs at the Superheroes: Fiction and Fantasy gala hosted by Giorgio Armani, George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Anna Wintour.


Scarlett Johansson dazzled her diamond as news broke of her engagement to Ryan Reynolds yesterday.

George and Julia, the ravishing co-hosts (Also happy birthday George today!)

Tom Brady and his leading lady Gisele

A few Gossip Girl attendees

The Beckhams in Armani

Karl Lagerfeld and Kate Bosworth, wearing what else, Chanel

Fergie and Hilary Duff

MKO and AFO with designer Christian Louboutin

- Erin Dustin

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