SATC Premieres

Sex and the City: The Movie premiered today in London and all four girls looked gorgeous!

I LOVE LOVE SJP, but I'm kinda curious about what seems to be growing on the top of her head. I can't yet decide if I love the Carrie-esque look, or if it might be a tad bit too crazy...

Actually, I think I just made up my mind. I love it! That girl can wear anything, in character or not, and I'll always be amazed!

And a little fyi, SJP reportedly has 81 costume changes in the movie! That deserves an OMG for sure!

May 30th is just around the corner, can't wait!

- Erin Dustin

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Anonymous said...

Foul -- Looks like something outta Dr Suess, not usually one for a fashion faux-pas but this is just OTT.